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Championships & Classics

SAIL Championships and Classics Meet

2024:  Championships are Saturday, July 13 and Classics are Sunday, July 14, both at Westside Aquatic Center. 

What are Championships and Classics?

The results from all of the Divisional Meets are combined as if it was one meet to identify the fastest 40 SAIL swimmers in each age group and event to compete individually in Classics (top 16 swimmers) and Championships (next fastest 24 swimmers).

The Championships Meet is for swimmers qualifying in Places 17-40 per event based on the Divisionals qualifying time. The Classics Meet  is for swimmers qualifying in Places 1-16 per event based on the Divisionals qualifying time. 

For 2024, Championships & Classics (C&C) will be held on Saturday, July 13 (Championships) and Sunday, July 14 (Classics) at Westside Aquatic Center.

SAIL Intent to Swim Form for Championships and Classics

Managing the Championships & Classics (C&C) meets requires the cooperation of more than 4,000 participants. All swimmers who earn their spot in this meet are encouraged to participate. Swimmers will declare their intent to participate, based on their qualifying times, earlier in the swim season. 

However, when unable to compete for any reason, we want to allow other swimmers to fill these limited spots. A scratch denies a swimmer an opportunity and leaves an empty lane diminishing the quality of the meet.

Therefore, it is imperative that all swimmers make a commitment to swim (or not) in C&C by an announced date. A swimmer scratching after that date incurs a fine of $50-75 per event that must be paid to PMP. 

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