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Guppy Helpers

Signup to help with our Guppy practices (Mon-Weds 10-10:30am in June) here

Signup to help with our Guppy meets (June 10 and June 24) here

Requirements to volunteer: 

Swimmers, age11 and older, should have participated on swim team for at least 2 years (may be a different team than PMP).  They should be at least 5 ft tall to safely stand in the water and assist guppies. 

Guppy helpers are expected to be consistent helpers. They may choose to sign up for a full week(s) or commit to a certain day for each week (ex: every Monday).

Guppy helpers may be paid at a rate of $10/hr ($5/30 min lesson). Guppy coordinator Hayley Dawson will keep track of hours and pay at the end of June.


If you need volunteer hours for your school or a service group, this is a great way to help! Just bring your documentation to our Guppy coordinator to have it signed. 

(You cannot get paid and count it as volunteer hours; please let Hayley Dawson know your preference.) 

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