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New to Swim Meets?

If you're new to swim meets, read below for answers to lots of your questions!

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Swim Meet FAQ

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Swim Meet 101

Swimmer Signup

Log in to the website. Login is found in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

If you can’t remember your password, click "Forgot your password" to reset your password.

Under the Meets & Events tab, select "Signup Calendar" to sign up for a swim meet.

  • Click the green MEET ENTRY tab, and then click the green Edit tab under your athletes' names.
  • For each of your athletes, select an option from the drop down list next to their names.
    • (undeclared)
    • Attending
    • Not Attending
  • If the coach allows the athlete to select events, select the appropriate events from the list shown. If a prompt comes up that asks if you have received coach’s approval, make sure you get that approval on deck or via email.
  • Specify your swimmer's availability for relays from the drop down options (if offered).  
    • Medley relays occur at the beginning of the meet; freestyle relays are the final events of the meet. If you enter that you are available for freestyle relays, you must stay until the end of the meet (generally around 10pm).
    • Please do not sign up for a relay if you do not think your swimmer is able and willing to swim the relay. If he/she backs out at the last minute, the entire relay team has to scratch the event.
  • Click Save to record your choices.

What to Bring

  • Swim cap
  • Goggles (extra pair just in case)
  • Chair for each swimmer
  • Towel(s)
  • Healthy snacks, water, Gatorade, or money to buy these at concessions
  • Sweatshirt/sweatpants
  • Sharpie to write event numbers on swimmers' arms; all 8&U swimmers should also write their name on their left shoulder to help Clerk of Course ensure they are lined up properly. 


Plan to arrive at PMP atleast 10-15 minutes prior to warm-ups. This will give you and your swimmer an opportunity to locate the team tent and get settled before getting in the pool. We ask that for away meets you arrive 20 minutes prior to warm ups to allow for any changes that need to be made prior to the meet. Make sure you are allowing for plenty of travel time and parking time!

Volunteer & Parent Check In

Our Volunteer Coordinators will let you know prior to each meet when to arrive and where to meet. Tent Parents should arrive 25-30 minutes prior to the beginning of the meet so that they can begin to arrange the relays and swimmers. If you are volunteering in the 1st half, you should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet, and timers should go directly to the tables to pick up their stopwatches. 2nd half volunteers will need to listen carefully to the announcer for instructions, but will need to be there prior to event 41.

Age Groups

SAIL divides swimmers into the following groups:

8&U Boys

8&U Girls

9 & 10 Boys

9 & 10 Girls

11 & 12 Boys

11 & 12 Girls

13 & 14 Boys

13 & 14 Girls

15-18 Boys

15-18 Girls

Swimmers will be placed in events that are decided by both the swimmer and the coach. Relays are always decided by the coaches and can be based on many different factors.

Heat Sheets

Heat Sheets will be emailed to all parents prior to the meet (generally Wednesday evening or Thursday morning). Please refer to these heat sheets for guidance on when your swimmer will swim! They are always subject to change, and the time of each event will vary from meet to meet. We encourage you to print out the heat sheet to bring with you. 

Away Meets

Away meets are listed in our Meet Schedule. We ask that you plan ahead for travel to these meets (arriving 20 mins prior to warm ups), and that you bring your own chairs, and other items necessary as we may not have access to certain things that we would at PMP. Away meets still require volunteers from the our team, so please plan to volunteer at one of the away meets.

Additional Information

  • In the Team Tent each swimmer will need to know which events he/she is swimming and should be listening for his/her name. It is recommended to write your swimmer's event numbers on his/her arm in Sharpie.
  • The swimmers will then move to the Clerk of Course area (benches). At Clerk of Course someone will line up the swimmers based on their age group, event number, heat number, and lane number. 
  • For 8 & under swimmers only:  Please write the first initial and the last name on the swimmer's left should in Sharpie. This helps Clerk of Course ensure that swimmers are lined up correctly. 
  • The coaches will receive a written record after the meet for each DQ listing the reason the swimmer was disqualified.  If you have a question about your swimmer's DQ, please ask the coach on Friday after the meet.  Please do not approach the stroke and turn judges during the meet.
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